nashville tennessee hotels 11/01/2010For some resorts in Trentino Russias market is extremely

nashville tennessee hotels


For some resorts in Trentino Russias market is extremely important. In Val di Fassa, such as Russia occupies the first position. On the other resorts included in the top five markets for suppliers and a priority in the further development of these stations. This is largely due to the increase in the number of Russians arriving in recent years.


Is it right now to choose the hotel and pay the money? Lets face it.

Summer is no time to finish, and travel agencies already in full sell vouchers for ski resorts and New Year travel. And the Maldives, and in Lapland for Santa Claus, and in Moscow ...


"We want to draw attention to our product, our russified web site, the booking directly, which is possible and already had a certain demand in Russia - some time ago it was still 100% operators market, but now about 30% of Russians self-organize their holidays. "


In general overall rating of alpine resorts in Russia market in the 2003/2010 season included 97 stations in five countries - Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. At their share has traditionally accounted for at least 70-80% of exit ski market. It is possible that, given the significant reductions of winter programs in other European ski areas in the 2003/2010 season, the proportion of the Alps in the total only increased. A small, but positive outcome of last season for the alpine five +9% and only 161.58 thousand tourists from Russia, to testify about a certain stability of demand in this area. Hardly, however, all this will be important for operators in the winter 2009/2010, when the experts are predicting an imminent recession in the ski segment, even in the most stable massive directions.


Kitzbhel - a beautiful word, but in Russian only Kozelsk, if anything, in fact Kitts from German - young roe, ie goat. Goat Kitts with curved horns and a symbol, and the abbreviated name of Kitzbhel. The Austrians say the shortened version Kitts and Kitzbhel, but difficult to "reduce" the impression, which produces Kitzbuehel for those who come there for the first time.


During holidays and summer trips, most of us in advance begins to worry about buying a tourist voucher or at least choosing a suitable hotel. But how to choose a hotel there, where you go first? This can help the Internet! Thats just not all sites are equally useful.


St. Anton (Sankt Anton am Arlberg), situated on the border of Tyrol, is part of an elite club of the best traditional resorts of the Alps. And for good reason! The small town was founded some time out of mind, at least, in the center of his preserved wooden building hydrochloric customs in 1570 was born.


Snow - a mood. In the minor or major. The city and the fabulous Alps, where he looks like a miracle of good Christmas tale. Where can I float on a background of blue, looking up from the features that connects the sky and mountains, and enjoy your life comfortable resorts, each of which is comparable to gems that lie on the shiny white cover. One of them - the resort of Zell am See.


In the southern part of Austria, between Mount Grossglockner and the mountain ranges Karawanken and Tauern situated state of Carinthia. The capital of Carinthia - the city of Klagenfurt, best known for its romantic old gorodom.Karintiya - wonderful lake land in Austria - not for nothing is "Austrian Riviera".


The golden strip of beach stretches for nearly three kilometers. Surprisingly warm sea, playful waves and gentle breeze - are fused together the blue and green, in one word - paradise.

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