rental cars in oceanside california 25/01/2010In Montreux, to Santa Claus!Chteau de Chillon 12 th

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In Montreux, to Santa Claus!

Chteau de Chillon 12 th century, a prisoner who was Lord Byron, Hotel Montreux Palace, where he lived, the great Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov, and the famous jazz festival, Claude Nobs, it turns out, is not limited to a set of major tourist attractions of "capital" of the Swiss Riviera city of Montreux . On Christmas and New Year are the main points of attraction become a Christmas Bazaar in the coastal park at Lake Geneva and the magic of Santa Claus House in the mountains above Montreux, where the station is regularly sent a special train.

However, the Russians have gambling in this year a special occasion to visit Montreux. After the closure of our casinos and vague expectations of recovery in certain special areas and a three-hour flight on the new Airbus Swiss International Airlines from Domodedovo airport in Zurich or Geneva, and further GoldenPass Express to Montreux, easy to reconcile you with poskuchnevshey reality, just you see famous casino, decorated with Christmas lights and a huge illuminated Christmas tree at the entrance.

From her minute walk to the Ferris wheel with Santa Claus at the base - the entrance to the park, who gave a festive time of Christmas revelry. This equates orgy all - and the owners of the local villas and guests five-star hotels, and the young tourists with knapsacks on their backs. Elect the fate of people living in one of the most beautiful and prestigious places on the planet, and two Japanese, looking like a caricature is masked from the flu, are in line for buderbrodom with ham and a glass of mulled wine.

But, judging from the speech, and our compatriots, two nemolo4ye couples in cashmere coats with scarves around their necks and designer mink coat quietly talking in the darkness around the bottle, standing on a table-stump. The steam from the vats of the concoction and zharevom, smoke, spicy aromas, and the general hubbub of the holiday excitement, "candy baranochki, flavor pies ..." No, not the ringing of bells, of course, although the Orthodox Church there is. And the tree is not alive, not artificial, and made of green wood planks, all littered with small scraps of paper scribbled - the wishes of the new year. Receiving the feasible portion of a street exotic romance, people are moving slowly in a wooden two-storey house in the middle of the bazaar - restaurant Chale La Poya. There, heat, ice patterns on the windows and the huge red heart made of glass. On the tables - batteries fine wine from local vineyards, UNESCO declared the monument, and porcelain tureen with fondue. In short, Christmas in the Swiss way.

In the morning, you sit down at the station in puluigrushechny, with Santa Claus on a snowboard, painted on the wall of the car, a mountain train with gear and an hour going steeply uphill. There, in the town Rocherc-de-Naye, at the top with a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Geneva, live Santa Claus. He has an office here with his secretary, Snow Maiden, gifts, treats and other joys, followed by going here kids. Pope butulochku Christmas drink wine, and good moms make-up artists will decorate the face with silver stars.

It is very important in the Christmas chores do not forget to learn in the office Switzerland Tourism, which days will be the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival in the new year. After all, only go there, you may consider yourself an honorary citizen of this beautiful city.

Thank Office of Tourism and the Swiss airline Swiss Air for organizing the press tour.


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